Visual Art

Visual Art Gallery 

"How We Coped"

Digital Photography // Patricia

"Home Alone Too/Me and My Shadows"

Oil Paint // Corinne Dieterle

"End of the World"

Enamel, Deconstructed Disposable Glove Box // James Dougher


Enamel on Deconstructed Box // James Dougher

"Black Crow Blue Sky"

Enamel, Twine, Deconstructed Box // James Dougher


Oil Painting on Canvas // Richard Brachman


Colored Pencil // Kate Stinson


Graphite // Kate Stinson

"Life on the Water"

Watercolor // Kate Stinson

"Floor Plan"

Hand Embroidery // Liana Glew

"These Long Days"

Digital Photography // Zena Tredinnick-Kirby

"An Emergence through Earth’s Protection"

Digital Photography // Zena Tredinnick-Kirby