Visual Art

Visual Art Gallery 

"Prescription Playground"

Digital Photo Manipulated in Photoshop // Amanda Ritter

"The Ghost Cat of Pennsylvania"

Digital 3-D Render // Courtney Leibig

"Masks of Pride"

Digital Photograph // Kathleen Murphey

"The Ultimate Router"

Sheet Glass, Electrical Wires, Bamboo Skewers, Paint // Aidan Lederman Gerard


Digital Illustration // Jessica Carvajal

""Achilles, Come Down""

Pastel on Paper // Jess Rodriguez


Photograph // Michele Mekel

"COVID-19: A Year in Masks"

Digital Photograph // Kathleen Murphey

"Together During COVID-19...No Fighting Please"

Colored Pencil // Hannah Corson

"Horses Mean R&R (rest & relaxation) to Me!"

Colored Pencil // Hannah Corson