The Dragon’s Eye

The Dragon’s Eye

Glass eye, Seed beads, Nylon Thread, Leather

17" Necklace

A photographic image of a zoomed-in Glass eye piece


When I became of warrior age, I set out on a dew-kissed morning alone, with enough food to last three days, a few weapons, and fire-proof goggles. I nearly lost a foot, but the dragon that had tormented the town of Harris-Burgh is finally no more. As a trophy, I wear its eye around my neck, as a reminder to all who lay eyes upon me, that I too have faced the fire – fought and lived. I decided that I would think of this quarantine as a trial by virus of my own personal resilience. Making a talisman as a reminder of this moment in time seemed appropriate.

About the Artist

Sharon Daugherty,  Lebanon County
Published:  April 29, 2020