Pennsylvania, America, & The World

Pennsylvania, America, & The World

Mixed Media – Acrylic Paint, Recycled Materials

18" x 24"

An outline of the state of pennsylvania with black


This piece works to capture the manner in which Pennsylvania, the nation and the world are all facing COVID-19. Humans are feeling alone, trapped in their homes, but are also strangely having similar experiences. We are separate but mirrored. We are experiencing new fear, but are in solidarity with this feeling. The shape of the piece is designed to mimic both the state of Pennsylvania, and that of a ship vessel. The artist was born and raised in Pennsylvania and is socially isolating there now. One can see layers of the American flag, of Pennsylvania land and city-scapes. The ship vessel backdrop gives the piece movement, a movement Dobson hopes is in the right direction… Rectangular patterns are used as well to illicit imagery of all of us looking out are windows and to give the piece unity in its structure. None of these boxes, however allow one to see the entire landscape or city skyline. This reminds us of our literal limited view from being trapped inside, but also our inevitable short-comings in trying to keep up with the mass amounts of media and information during COVID-19.

About the Artist

Jennifer Dobson,  Montgomery County
Published:  May 12, 2020