Contemplative Reflection

Contemplative Reflection

Digital Photograph

10" x 13"

A photographic image of trees in the background with a reflective image of the trees on the river giving off symmetry.


Socially distant, yet so connected. In this image of my son, I’m capturing what it feels like to be socially distant as a mother of a toddler. We’re in this public space together, yet no one is here with us. I feel disconnected from the world from sheer exhaustion and the clumsiness of nap times and now, I’m restricting my already limited connections with others even more. I feel small and alone, like he appears in this vibrant landscape. He is still, in the middle of the busy textures of this space – focused only on the task he set before himself – just like his mama, watching him in the space while the world goes on around them. In this moment, we both found peace.

About the Artist

Alison Elizabeth Keener,  Lancaster County
Published:  April 30, 2020