The Eight-Game Season

The Eight-Game Season

Digital Photograph

This is a photographic image of a room set-up with a round-like mirror


Here is a picture of the set-up I have in my room for online classes. My laptop screen displays its wallpaper, which is a collage of my teammates and I from Penn State Harrisburg Softball. While taking these pictures, we didn’t know those would be our last ones of the season. We kicked off our eight-game softball season down in Myrtle Beach, SC. The same day we arrived back at Penn State Harrisburg from spring training, our coach broke the news to us that our season had been canceled. It was devastating to hear after months of early morning lifts, conditioning sessions, and a countless amount of practices. Student athletes of spring sports across America worked so hard for so long, all to have our seasons taken away from us in a heartbeat. We have all gained a year of NCAA eligibility back, however, some seniors may not be able to return due to plans after college. This whole experience has taught me that nothing in life is guaranteed and goes to show how unexpected life can be. Never take anything for granted. For those of us that can return next season–we must use this experience to fuel us to work harder. Be resilient and push through adversity. Penn State athletics will be coming back, and we will be coming back better and stronger than ever. We are!

About the Artist

Samantha Weaver,  Dauphin County
Published:  May 4, 2020