Wool and Wire

11” x 6 ⅛” x 20 ⅞”

08/18/2021 Women with Flowera A young woman with cacti plant vines in her hair


“Overgrown” is a sculptural piece created in response to the outcome of the coronavirus pandemic. The virus itself was undetectable for a significant period of time. This enabled it to penetrate and destroy the foundation of life which most individuals took for granted. Socialization, a key component of human advancement and health, suddenly vanished from daily procedure as it was replaced with strict isolation. For myself and many others, these abnormal circumstances produced emotional fatigue that was unlike anything ever experienced before. By utilizing both wet and dry felting techniques, wool was shaped to resemble a menacing entanglement of carnivorous plants. The artwork itself can not exist without the reinforcement of the body. Situated closest to the brain, the uncontrollable plant matter echoes the fear and anxiety which burdens the subconscious. The call for permanent isolation stunts the development of identity and self-assurance. As everyday experiences become inaccessible, the ego weakens and is overgrown by fear. The challenge for all human beings, therefore, is to combat this struggle. For when fear takes the position of control, humanity faces one of its greatest tragedies: the possibility for what could have been.

About the Artist

Julianna DiMeola,  Centre County
Published:  November 11, 2020