Six Feet Apart

Six Feet Apart

Oil on Canvas

48" x 48"

An oil painting of an individual floating in space while reaching out to the moon with their left hand. Stars are visible and the invididual's feet are visible with blue pants and white shoes on.


This piece was started before the pandemic and finished during the pandemic. I was originally going to title it “I Just Need Some Space” because it was meant to symbolize how mentally overwhelmed my life was making me feel and how I wish I could just escape it. Now that we’re all stuck at home the meaning has changed completely and I feel quite the opposite. “Six Feet Apart” is meant to symbolize how the six feet between us can sometimes feel like six miles. The world feels so far away right now that I might as well be floating in space. (for sale- contact me if interested!)

About the Artist

Alyssa Lesher,  York County
Published:  May 11, 2020