Pandemic Sunsets

Pandemic Sunsets

Digital Photo Collage


A series of sunsets taken at Lake Erie during the Covid-19 pandemic


I took numerous photos of Lake Erie sunsets during the 2020-21 pandemic year of isolation. Each sunset witnessed is another day alive and hope that a new day will come. All are taken about 20 miles east of Cleveland, Ohio in the USA from my childhood home built in 1959 on a cliff with a path to the beach and Lake Erie and inherited from deceased parents and sibling. Cleveland is visible to the west. Canada is to the north, which would take about 10 hours to sail from Cleveland to Canada on a Great Lake that can change quickly from calm to up to 9-feet high waves, a metaphor for life—to not take anything for granted.

About the Artist

Karen Keifer-Boyd,  Centre County
Published:  May 17, 2022