The Front Steps Project Central PA

The Front Steps Project Central PA

Digital Photograph

Photo showcasing a family working on the steps of there porch. Father and mother are on their laptops while children are playing with toys


When COVID lockdowns were first imposed in March 2020, my business–Roger That Photography–was immediately idled, as all the events I’d been booked to photograph were canceled through the summer (some through year-end and beyond). Grateful that my family was in a position to weather the shutdown without much financial hardship, I looked for ways to apply my skills for community benefit. Using a Massachusetts photographer’s initiative as a starting point, I launched The Front Steps Project Central PA. Over an 8-week period from March through May, I photographed families on their front porches and directed 100% of proceeds from online photo sales to a charity responding directly to the lockdown-caused hardship. Ultimately, I photographed 422 families in more than 50 neighborhoods in 16 municipalities across four Central PA counties and posted more than 2,000 photographs at When all was said and done, I was able to donate $10,327 to The Salvation Army Harrisburg Capital City Region in support of their COVID response. Nine months later, the submitted photo–the FIRST family I photographed–was selected by my Facebook followers as Roger That Photography’s 2020 Photo of the Year.

About the Artist

Roger Baumgarten,  Cumberland County
Published:  June 24, 2021