Comfort Blanket

Comfort Blanket

Hand sewn and hand beaded fabric collage

47.5" x 59.5"

A sewn and beaded quilt depicting an abstracted American Flag.


During this time of isolation I have been feeling deeply connected to creating art as a source of comfort. While cleaning my studio, I was drawn to an old tattered American flag that I decided to transform into a comfort blanket as if I was embracing and comforting our nation. The flag is a symbol that we are all in this together working to recover, rebuild and unify. I deconstructed the flag while upcycling bits of discarded fabrics and beads from my daughter’s long abandoned jewelry making days. I hand sewed and beaded every inch of the comfort blanket. I incorporated hundreds of Thai Buddha amulets, crystals and evil eyes as symbols of good luck and unity. The comfort blanket and the nation needed as much good juju as I could sew. I sewed while listening to my children participate in their virtual classes, zoom happy hours and Birthdays. I sewed through my daughter’s virtual prom, graduation and college tour. I sewed while we watched the news and shed many tears over all that had been lost and the many people who died. The months of sewing were comforting during helpless times yet the blanket is about having hope for brighter days.

About the Artist

Kari Souders,  Montgomery County
Published:  February 24, 2021