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Gazing Outward


The Vulnerable Become More

Ashley Hibbs

At The Wall

Carter Fischer

A Prayer

Rachel Vinciguerra

Vaccine There...


School Bell's Ringing

Habib Zanzana

Esmeralda (Spanish Language Poem)

Habib Zanzana

Rarely Drive These Days

James Croal Jackson

On Her Way

Habib Zanzana

Coronavirus Meditations, Poems Written Under Quarantine

Nick Hilbourn

Counting Humans

Julie Pavlick


Andrena Zawinski

Victory Garden

Anne Fricke

A Blind Cat and a Chunky Dog

Ann Hultberg


Ann E. Michael

The Darkness Called Virus


The Darkest Night

Jean Hackett

Crosses Mark the Passing Year

Jean Hackett

Pandemic Thoughts

Susan Mcclellan



Because Everyone Loves Babies

Darrell Parry

Behind The Mask

Mary Alice Pollock

Too Much to Ask of Us

Kathleen Murphey

Until This. Until Now.

Janet Cincotta

A Twilight Zone Experience

John Frederick

Agents of Death

Kathleen Murphey

My Life During the Pandemic: The Good, the Bad and the Dormant.

Sandra Bush

Cantos from the Quarantine

Andrea Hornett

Life in a Pandemic

Rae Theodore


Marjorie Maddox

During Stay-at-Home Orders, Our Son Cuts My Husband’s Hair

Marjorie Maddox

Quarantine Life

Jennifer Walter


David Marvin

Good News For Us (Bad News For A Bad Year)

Quinn Patella

The Count Spikes

Jen Hirt

Grocery Shopping During Pandemic

David Marvin

The World Came to a Halt

Michael Evans


Yi-Wen Huang

Moments of Normalcy

Kelly Chambers

Grey Cat by the Window

Yusri Zafri

A Covid-19 Spring Comes to Southeastern Pennsylvania

Kenneth Pobo


Stephen St. Amant

Consuming news

Stephen St. Amant

April 2020

Rommy Driks

Six Weeks and Change into the Distance

Peter Buck

In the Distance Stands a Coronated Court

Peter Buck

Is there Distance in this Bowl?

Peter Buck

Love in the Time of a Pandemic

Christina LaGamma

Poem for Connection in a Time of Pandemic: March 2020

Nancy Adams

It's Hard Out There

Danny George

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