Consuming News

Consuming News

When we consume news, we never reach a point where we feel satiated. It’s not like consuming food. There’s never an empty plate. And never a feeling of being full.

News is constant. It’s endless and we can’t process all of it.

So it’s wise to set limits. Maybe it’s a few curated email briefings each day. Maybe a trustworthy news program. Maybe it’s just ten minutes of daily reading. Or twenty.

Whatever the strategy, consuming all of it is not viable. The more we try, the more we keep ourselves from doing the work that matters.

By giving ourselves the grace to step away from the news after a period of time—and to abandon the illusion of knowing it all—we give ourselves the ability to take a deep dive into our own endeavors.


Consuming all of the news is impossible. When we try to do so, there’s a cost to our personal endeavors.

About the Artist

Stephen St. Amant,  Centre County
Published:  May 4, 2020