It’s Hard Out There

It’s Hard Out There

Don’t have an angle, don’t have a brand
Got nothing to my name in mass demand
Hunting for depression market share
But it’s hard out there

Thought about the loss of a typical day
Sure hope another one is on its way
Cabin fever rising like an atheist’s prayer
Yeah, it’s hard out there

Saw my generation and its worst minds
Runnin’ round like end-time philistines
Gotta grind cause the world ain’t fair
No, it’s hard out there

Looking up, I found it odd
The moon is both a stone and god
I cycle back in forth in such despair
It’s hard out there

If there is a single human flaw
The heart obeys no existing law
Mother Nature slips us hints to prepare
But it’s hard out there

The name of the game is to survive
Staying apart just to stay alive
Doomsday bunker, 5G, streaming self-care
Cause it’s hard out there

Ah . . . hard out there!
Ah . . . hard out there!


About the Artist

Danny George,  Dauphin County
Published:  April 28, 2020