Is This the Way the World Ends?

Is This the Way the World Ends?

On my way to the bus stop, I turned the corner and witnessed what? The towering trees that had lined my street had been felled. Had there been a tornado? I couldn’t fathom a disaster of this magnitude. Then I noticed the machines. Workers with chainsaws and forklifts plowing through what had been a lush green lawn. My apartment complex had been acquired by new management.

Trees that had graced the property and welcomed me home each day. Trees that had provided comfort, strength, and stability. They gave shade while waiting for the bus and shelter from the rain and snow. The trees outside of my window had burst with blossoms each spring, and the changing leaves had reflected the glorious sunlight with colors of autumn.

The ground has been permanently scarred by large circles of brown which serve as a constant reminder. My walk to the bus stop remains dark and bleak with desolation, reflecting the loss of natural beauty needlessly taken.


One year has passed (October 2020) since more than 30 trees were destroyed on my apartment complex. No construction has been built, nor have any improvements been made on the property.

About the Artist

Mary Alice Pollock,  Centre County
Published:  November 5, 2021