Right before spring break
We were in quarantine
Spring break plans, right out of the door

China tour
Great Wall, West Lake, Shanghai bullet train
Silk making factory in Hangzhou
Taking off on Hubby’s birthday in June

Accepted conference presentation in Budapest
Soaking in Gellért thermo hot spring in blue porcelain decorative tile
Partying at night in hot steam, EDM, in Széchenyi, neon light
White dream destination in Santorini, Greece
to no avail
You came home to me

5-mile trail walk under the super moon, sun dial
walking by flashlight dark night after a sunset
Georges St-Pierre’s Rushfit in the living room with you, Quebec English
Planting New Mexico Piñon pine in front of the sliding glass door

City of Gallup, lockdown extended
Intimate conversations and long talks
I got to know you, even better
Laying on the brown couch at 3:30am

This all happened all of a sudden
You and Me under the same roof


A description of my life during the pandemic.

About the Artist

Yi-Wen Huang,  Indiana County
Published:  May 12, 2020