A Word for That

A Word for That

There’s a word for that. The feeling you get when time stands still. When the clock pauses, the alarms cease, and a sense of calm wraps you like a favorite quilt. Capture that word. Document that feeling. Find peace in the poetry that lingers in the air between us.

Life is puzzling. Time is fleeting. Don’t let go, but let’s go. Seize any sense of wonder and gift yourself time, if only a moment, to pause. Unfold your fingers and stretch both body and mind. Press pen to paper, pencil to packet, and puzzle to puzzle. Ready. Set. Go.

  1. A preferred greeting
  2. Another word for joy – noun. 
  3. The sound of sadness
  4. The taste of grief
  5. Your next deadline
  6. A favorite writing instrument/device
  7. A place of peace and comfort – noun
  8. A measure of time

Hello, __1__. I hope your day has been full 

of  __2__. If you’re hearing __3__ or tasting

__4__, I hope that changes. Soon. Maybe

even before __5__. Please, 

grab your __6__. Take a seat in your __7__, 

even if only as a state of mind. Gift yourself

a/an __8__ to pause on the daily puzzles that are our life.


About the Artist

Jen S,  Montgomery County
Published:  April 20, 2021