Pandemic Thoughts

Pandemic Thoughts


Has created quite a worldwide scene.

We must confess

The world is a mess.

Mask or no mask?

Please try to protect yourself and one another—not too much to ask.

Anxiety, stress, weird dreams, and too many worried thoughts,

This pandemic has so many tied up in knots.

We are in this together

Prayers for the world this gets better.

Our heart aches for so many people gone,

We need faith, hope, love and to hold on.

Prayers for a treatment and vaccine—

Already far too many sad things we have seen.

Be grateful for every second of each day

Count your blessings in every way.


I am trying to convey my pandemic thoughts and reflect on what a crazy year it has already been.

About the Artist

Susan Mcclellan,  Allegheny County
Published:  October 7, 2020