It snowed in May this year.
It snowed in May this year.
The month of warmth and flowers and birds interrupted by a winter storm
That failed to check the calendar
Or simply didn't care
That May is for sun and rain
For summer previews and shorter nights.

School was cancelled once in May
When I was young.
We had a test scheduled
And my friends and I gathered to . . . study? 
We didn't study.
We played in the snow
And watched movies and ate junk food
That rare snow day in May. 

It snowed in May this year.
Schools were already cancelled
Victims of the violence
Of a microscopic killer.
We watched the snow from inside
And had our meals and read books
Wondering what was next in our
Newly unpredictable world.


A May snowstorm did not cancel school. The pandemic already took care of that.

About the Artist

David Marvin,  Centre County
Published:  June 26, 2020