Quarantine Life

Quarantine Life

I Questioned the severity when the news first came out.

Unconcerned, I enjoyed living in pj’s and sleeping in.

As the cases rose higher, so lowered my doubts. The

Reality of it all started to finally sink in.

Another month passed by, now the schools all get closed.

Never have I ever felt quite so exposed.

Then a case was found in my own backyard.

I can’t believe that I at first felt disregard.

Now we (almost) all wear masks wherever we go, and

Everything is closed or max capacity is set low.

Life has changed and will never be the same, but

I have hope that our world—we can reclaim.

For all around us are heroes, and innovators, and people who are kind.

Eventually, I know, we’ll end up stronger on the other side.


My personal experiences and emotions over the past three months.

About the Artist

Jennifer Walter,  Centre County
Published:  July 1, 2020