Response to “Skins” by Braden Heim

Response to “Skins” by Braden Heim

Who are you when you are not asked of?

When you are not demanded of?

for days.

for weeks.

Who are you now?


As a student, I had more time on my hands than previous years of schooling when we first went into isolation. It made me stop and think about where I was heading and what find of woman I was becoming. I had less of a demanding checklist from others. In turn, I used that time to peel back layers of myself and find out what layers I wanted and what layers were being put on me without realizing. I don’t want life to happen to me. This drawing shouted to me this call to internal reflection—who am I? Who do I want to be?

About the Artist

Abigail Boland,  Centre County
Published:  March 4, 2022