School Bell’s Ring

School Bell’s Ring

It’s almost spring

let’s get ready

will you hold my hand a little?

And raise your voice, join me,

would you; let’s all

shout at COVID and say,

we’re not scared

we’re safe

we have vaccines

and each other

we’ll beat you silly

if you don’t pack up your microbes,

viruses and germs

and go away.

Tired of you

sitting on Grandad’s chest

won’t let him breathe

think you’re the boss

think again

Grandad is a vet

he’ll wrestle you to the ground

and come up on top.

Move along

don’t delay,

grab your nasty friend

that mutant strain

game’s over

our three-team league

won the trophy.

We’re gonna stick it to you

better be on your way

never to return

cause our doctors

and nurses, all heroes

will poke you in the arm

or the behind

and off you go

banished forever

washed away.

Spring is here

kids want to play

going back to school

soon and quite ready.

We’re going to build a snowman

first day of school

teach him Spanish

that’ll be so cool.

We’re little kids

we will be safe

mask on, wash our hands,

do the right thing

teacher’s special

make her happy.

We’re not staying home

too much to learn

no more Zoom

too gloomy.

Let’s go outside

pick up your schoolbags.

Mommy said she‘ll drive us

no, no, thank you,

want to see our friends

on that yellow bus

it’s been so long

since we’ve traveled together.

School is what COVID hates the most

but we’re going to outsmart it

with science and mathematics

languages too,

they make you clever.

We’ll bring down the numbers

don’t underestimate

what little folks can do.

Get ready, spring is here

study hard and graduate

we’ll celebrate

Grandad will be there with us,

don’t hesitate.

We’ll win over the virus

that’s a promise,

boys and girls, at your desks,

the bell’s ringing.

Ciao, ciao, virus

we’ve got your number

we’ll subtract you at school

we’ll erase you.

On the chalkboard

we’ll write your initials


a big minus to follow

but no 19,

time to grow up

virus, no whining,

don’t be a brat

know when your time is up,

ain’t that a fact.

We’re finished with you

we’re going back to school

spring is almost here.

Can’t wait to sit down

at the library

learn more literature

and science, be a winner.

Write plays

about Pittsburgh maybe

just like August Wilson

I saw him on a stamp

good day to you sir

now and yonder.

We’ll follow in your footsteps

sit down with a notebook

and a pen, maybe a napkin

write our history,

what we lived

endured, gained

and much lost.

But we are strong

defiant and brave

so, chin up,

spring is here

we’re going back to school

we’ll beat the virus

hip hip hooray!


This is a poem about kids who want to go back to school, protect their teachers, and beat the virus.

About the Artist

Habib Zanzana,  Lackawanna County
Published:  February 24, 2021