After Home School Delight / Tin Pan Demic

After Home School Delight / Tin Pan Demic


Sitting on my porch,
I rock to the tune
of the neighbors’ children
squealing as they play
in sweet cacophony
with kites aloft
and cries as high.

A game just down the street,
their glee fomenting
instant pleasure
for this rocker’s ears
to quell the losses
of this pernicious
state of being.


Time on my hands.
I’m stuck in the middle with you
Only you can make this change in me / for it’s true, you are my destiny …
Blue moon, you saw me standing alone / without a dream in my heart …
Gonna take a sentimental journey / Gonna set my mind at ease
(Can’t) Take the “A” Train
Slow boat to China (Not!)
Che será, será / whatever will be, will be / the future’s not ours to see …
Volaré nell blu di pinto di blu
(No longer) King of the road
Killing me softly
The party’s over / it’s time to call it a day …

And then:
Auf wiedersehen, we’ll meet again
There’ll be love and laughter, tomorrow when the world is free
I’ll be seeing you / in all the old familiar places


The first of the two poems describes the reality of my neighbor’s children playing normally despite the pandemic and the other uses song lyrics to first present the state of things throughout Covid19.

About the Artist

Robert Lima,  Centre County
Published:  November 5, 2021