Love in the Time of a Pandemic

Love in the Time of a Pandemic

We want a hug
But we cannot give or receive one.
We crave connection
But words are all we have to offer.

More than ever,
Our words reflect our actions.
Our words are our actions.

How have you
checked in on those you care for?
How have you
Shown them that affection
Is not lost despite physical distance?

Your words matter.
Make them mean
What we wish our bodies could convey.

A hug.
A handshake.
A warm embrace.
They ablate fear and instill confidence.
They are not lost,
Only on hiatus.

We are just suspended in time
Between warm greetings.


In this prose piece, I am trying to convey the following: we all want affection, security and safety right now. But we can’t achieve it through traditional means of physical human connection. So we are left to our words. This is a reminder for us to be kind with our words even in times of stress, because they are our best love language now.

About the Artist

Christina LaGamma,  Dauphin County
Published:  April 28, 2020