2020 Masks of Protest

Kathleen Murphey

Digital Photograph


The personal is political. I have been making masks for donations and distraction, and these 19 masks (for COVID-19) all feature Black Lives Matter fabric.
Topic(s):BLM Masks Protest

About the Artist

Kathleen Murphey,  Montgomery County

“Kathleen Murphey is an associate professor of English at Community College of Philadelphia. She is a poet and fiction writer as well as a visual artist. Her collection of sex-positive queer fairy tales, Rainbow Tales, has been published by JMS Books. Her visual art has been featured through Headline Poetry and Press, Philadelphia’s City Hall exhibition, Crafting Narratives, among other platforms. For more information go to, www.kathleenmurphey.com.”
Published: September 28, 2020
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